Crochet Cotton Pad

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As an alternative to store bought cotton pads, you can crochet your own and use them again and again. I have heard that they are more gentle on the skin than regular cotton pads. And as an added plus, I also think they decorate more in the bathroom.

You can also see a video of have they are made here: YouTube. The video is with danish text though.


Organic cotton yarn 8/4 (about 6-7 grams) (Yarn weight = super fine)

Crochet needle 3,5 mm (see convertion here)




The stitches are mentioned in US terms. I have used this one to convert the stitches from danish to US terms.

1. Start with a magic ring, where you crochet 8 puff stitches in the ring.

Puff stitch: *Yarn over, put the needle through the magic ring, yarn over and pull the yarn through* repeat twice more, yarn over and pull through alle 7 loops on the needle, yarn over and pull through the last loop.

When you have 8 puff stitches in your magic ring, you finish with pulling the thread and closing the ring and then a slip stitch in the first puff stitch. (8)

You can crochet over the start thread in the next round, so you don’t have to lock the thread later.

2. You are going to make the puff stitches in between to puff stitches and not in stitch itselfs. *Crochet 2 puff stitches in between each puff stitch from last round* Finish with a slip stitch in the first mask of the round. (16)

3. *Crochet 2 puff stitches in first gap, crochet 1 puff stitch in next gap* Finish with a slip stitch in the first mask of the round. (24)

4. Now you are going to crochet in the stitch itselfs. You need to crochet in both the puff stitch itself and in the slip stitch that finishes the puff stitch. So you will have to stitches for one puff stitch. Start the round with 2 chains. In the same stitch as the chain you crochet a double crochet. Continue with 1 double crochet in each stitch. (48)

Cut the thread and pull through the stitch. Sew through 2nd chain.

Sew in one of the loops in the last double crochet. It will give you a prettier finish with an almost invisible finish. Fasten off and cut the thread.

You can also use the pattern for nursing pads. Then you just need to crochet a few more rounds with puff stitches. For each round you add, you also need to add a puff stitch between your increases. The pattern can also be used for glass coasters.

The cotton pads are round 7-7,5 cm (2,76 – 2,95 inch) in diameter. If you like them smaller you can skip round 4. Then they will be around 6,5 cm (2,56 inch) in diameter. You can see the difference in this picture.

The pad to the left is made with a 3,5 mm needle and where round 4 is skipped. The one in the middle is with round 4 and the one on the right is made with a 2,5 mm needle in stead.

You can see the size difference from the store bought cotton pad here.

Before use, it is a good idea to soak the pads so that they absorb more. If you use the pads for makeup remover and the like, I will wring them up in water before use so they do not suck all your makeup remover at once.

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  1. Rigtig god opskrift med fine billeder! Og dejligt at du har vedhæftet en youtube-video. Jeg brugte videoen rigtig meget, da jeg først lige er begyndt at hækle 🙂

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